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Boat shipping, yacht shipping, and catamaran shipping is our core business, and we handle this specialised cargo everyday of the week. The DAZMAC set up is unique and customised to the marine industry thus allowing DAZMAC to offer a professional and efficient service to all Marine importers.

DAZMAC also handles parts and accessories for the marine industry, this is handled by our general cargo division and utilises all modes of transport; Air freight, Sea freight both full (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL)

Why import a boat or yacht from the USA or overseas in general? when you can buy locally in Australia.

There are pros and cons to both buying locally and from overseas. The used boat and yacht market in Australia is small and very limited, and for this reason used boats and yachts maintain a higher value than countries such as the USA and throughout Europe. Looking aboard for increases range boats and yachts available to you for purchase, there is also various brands of boats and yachts not available in Australia which have imported from overseas.

With a greater range of boats and yachts comes many more bargins but many more bombs as well so you must proceed with caution, and ensure handle process correctly, as there is no warranties or refunds on used imported boats and yachts, so ensuring you have accredited marine survey conducted prior to purcahse is vital. A survey is also required for insurance claims.

Done correctly the international shipping of boats and yachts can not only save you money on the purchase, but get you a

  • Higher quality boat or yacht
  • A brand or boat or yacht not available in Australia
  • Less engine hours
  • Only used in fresh water
  • More accessories included
  • And much more

If you are interested in importing a boat or yacht from the USA please follow the below link as we have have dedicated page which explains the process specific to the USA market

The Ports in the USA & Europe where these services run are;

West Coast: Long Beach & Port Huemene CA, VanCouver & Tacoma WA. East Coast: Miami, West Palm Beach & Jacksonville FL, Brunswick & Savannah GA, Charleston SC, Baltimore MD, New York, and Newport RI, in the USA.

In Europe, Southampton, UK, Le Havre, France, Bremerhaven, Germany, Antwerp, Belgium, Santander, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Genoa, La Spezia, Italy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Lavrion, Greece & Mersin, Turkey.

Services also run from New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, & Dubai.

Destination ports are Sydney, Newcastle, Port Kembla, Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide, & Darwin in Australia. Auckland, Tauranga, Lyttleton, Nelson & Wellington in Zealand. La Touka, & Suva in Fiji, Pateete in Vanuatu.

The height must be of a maximum of 4.2m to fit inside the doors of the average vessel on Breakbulk services for boats including their cradles, and a MAFI if required, a MAFI is a large trailer used for towing on large static cargo such as boats on cradles. The height for a MAFI is 0.8m high. There are vessels available with higher door heights but these vessels are more expensive.

Boats & Yachts with a height greater than 4.2m must be shipped as on deck cargo and needs to be loaded via crane either from the port or directly from the water.

All Trailers will require an Import Trailer Permit from the Department of Infrastructure. The maximum legal width of a trailer in Australia is 2.5m without you requiring a road permit for transport every time you want to take your boat out.

More Information on trailer permits can be found in the resource pages.

We recommend that 2nd hand boats & trailers are steam/pressure cleaned and have fresh Anti-fouling prior to shipping to help avoid additional quarantine washing and fumigation charges on arrival.

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Content by Daryl McIntyre